Brand Identity

Brand Identity

The basic design step of an institution (corporate identity) is its logo and colors. Professionally designed logos and colors will evoke a positive first impression of your business. This work covers all areas of the business (business cards, folders, notaries, files, catalogues, brochures, web sites, vehicle clothing, product packaging, etc... ) to be used, it is very important.

If you need a new corporate identity for your company or internet venture, you can use Mediaclick's corporate identity creation service. MediaClick will first recognize your industry and company and determine the concept that suits you. Color selection and logo design will be followed. After approval of the design concept, all documents will be applied and your corporate identity booklet will be created in the final step.

This service includes logo design, corporate identity booklet, annual reports and similar in-house documents (letterhead, envelopes, etc.)...), can cover design services such as vehicle dressing, promotional products design. This is why corporate identity design and logo design are vital for companies.

  • Effective and timely ad representation with accurate audience analysis and accurate timing
  • Ensuring effective and optimized advertising with campaign breaks, different rhetoric and visuals
  • Effective reporting and campaign interpretation

Thanks to the right use of your budget to reach your ads to target audiences by growing your brand and increasing your sales. We do Sunday Research, create campaigns and promotions to keep your audience and social media accounts alive.