Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Thousands of new products and services are introduced to the market every day around the world. As the Sunday becomes crowded with similar products and services, brands become the most important assets of companies that enable them to differentiate and increase customer preference. Especially for companies that are starting to take steps towards becoming a regional and global brand, a solid brand strategy that is differentiated, compatible with customer expectations and based on the company's competencies becomes more important.

Criteria for an effective brand strategy

Having a differentiated brand strategy is not enough to ensure the long-term sustainability of companies. To make brands stronger than ever and ensure the sustainability of brand values, companies also need the creation of a well-defined brand management structure.

Brands can exist as long as they can consistently, consistently and clearly transfer their strategy to the market. It is critical that the brand strategy is internalized by the employees of the company and that every step taken is guaranteed to be appropriate to the brand.

However, measuring brand performance with different criteria is also important in terms of making company employees responsible for the brand and tracking the development. The “brand value map” tool developed by Deloitte provides a structural framework for uncovering the real factors affecting brand value and establishing a brand tracking system.

The benefits we provide to our customers
  • We enable our customers to develop focused value recommendations that differentiate them from their competitors, which make sense to their customers and coincide with their corporate competencies.
  • By moving the brand beyond being a logo or a visual element, we contribute to making it one of the most important assets that will enable the company to differentiate.
  • We make the transition from product focus to brand and customer focus and increase customer proximity.
  • We support the creation of a strong brand promise that will allow customers to choose the institution beyond product and price, and we support the demand of consumers and customers, rather than pushing products through sales channels.
  • We contribute to the consistent implementation of the brand at every step by ensuring that we act together towards a common vision among the different units within the company.